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Do You Chose The Guitar? Or Does The Guitar Chose You?

Have you ever watched the scene in the first Harry Potter movie where Harry is in the wand shop trying out different wands and as destiny would have it a special wand chooses him as its owner while the store owner comments “a wand always chooses the wizard”?

The same is true about guitars choosing their owners. I remember the day my dad took me to the local guitar shop to buy me my first guitar. It was the old Billy Hydes Store in Flemington (now GH Music) and I walked in with all the excitement of a kid shopping for their birthday present. I walked into the acoustic display room and despite there being over 50 guitars in the room, one of them was lit up with a golden lining like the sun shining on Excalibur. I knew that was the guitar that I was going to buy. I tried out a few others that day but none of them looked or felt as good. I knew from the very first moment that it was the one for me and I left 30 minutes later with my brand new guitar.

^The Holy Grail
I had a special experience that day where the mysteries of the universe unraveled, the planets aligned and the guitar chose me. There was just something magical about it and despite playing thousands of guitars over the years only a rare few have called out to me like that. Hopefully some of you reading this have experienced the same magic, and I’ve no doubt that all of you will at some point. If you’re lucky you’ll get the feeling every so often when you’re encountering a truly special instrument. It’s the universe telling you it’s meant to be yours.
I’ve had it happen three times and each time I’ve been rewarded with a fantastic guitar. When your intuition tells you a guitar is special you need to listen to your gut and go with the feeling. Make that guitar yours and do everything in your power to get it. Another time I had the same

Do You Chose The Guitar? Or Does The Guitar Chose You?

feeling with a rare special edition Gibson SG that had a moon cycle over the fretboard, it looked amazing, it felt and sounded amazing…only one problem, I didn’t have enough money to buy it. “It’ll be there when I get paid on Wednesday” I told myself, and when I went back four days later there was an empty spot on the wall where the guitar used to be…alas, the one that got away.
^Behold! The the one that got away!
I often wonder what happened to that guitar, how my playing career might have been shaped if I had of bought it and how many memories I’d now have associated with it, but one can only speculate and I wouldn’t have come across other guitars had I bought that one, but a magical experience was missed indeed. In this day an age of e Commerce, eBay and online stores it’s lose the magic of a trip to your local guitar shop and the thrill of what you’ll discover on each visit. My advice for anyone looking to buy a new guitar is to head to your local music shop, play a few and pick the one that speaks to you best. It’s easy to fall in love with images of a guitar online, but you can’t beat the experience of going to a shop and finding ‘the one’. Remember the guitar chooses you.
If you’ve ever experienced a magical moment when the guitar has chosen you I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below or via social media (@MichaelGumley) Tell me your story.


About the Author
Michael is a progressive shred guitarist from Melbourne, Australia. He is a collector of fine guitars and loves finding brightly coloured and pointy relics of the 80’s in Pawn Shops. If you’re trying to improve your guitar playing then sign up for Guitar Lessons In Essendon and begin improving right away with a free trial lesson.