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Fingerings which limit speed of your solos

Author: Pavel Bocharov

In the previous article Wrong Fingerings In Playing Solo, Which Limit Your Speed Part 1 I told about advantages of understanding different variations of fingerings in the same musical part, and about problems, you may come across, if you don’t have this understanding. In this article, I will continue the discussion and give you a few more examples of wrong solo fingerings.

I see very often, that guitarists, who want to play solo, but don’t go for it, don’t use the pinky finger of the neck hand, because this finger is often weaker or the hand position is wrong, so the finger is unable to hit the right string and fret. So a lot of guitarists are trying to avoid using the pinky instead of training it, so they could gain more freedom in playing solos.


Two fragments

Play these fragments using tablatures.


As you may notice, both of them are played with the same fingers (numbers above – fingerings).

Both of the fingerings are not always effective. Instead of using the ring finger (3), it is more effective to do the job with the pinky (4), as it is closer to the fret (in our case every of four fingers matches four frets, following each other on the fretboard).

Fingerings like these can be used in playing above the 12th fret, where the frets themselves are thiner, but if your fingers will get used to this fingering, it might later cause problems in playing in lower frets.


Two fragments

Play the fragments using tablatures.

As you can see, both of them are played with the same fingers (numbers above – fingerings).

I noticed, that fingerings like these are also often used  by guitarists, who never played solo before. And again, both of the fingerings are not effective. Instead of the ring finger (3), it is more effective to use the middle one (2). A position like this is more comfortable while changing positions and fast playing for your fingers not to “mess up” and not to hit the wrong note. Even though you can control it on the lower tempo, on the high speed, you will get some problems, if you use them.

As I already told in the previous article, the fingerings in the tablatures are often missing, so it is good for you to think about them by yourself, while learning new music on your guitar, to avoid future problems with gaining the speed in playing solo and to practice the right way.


  1. Learning music using guitar tablatures limits you as a musician.
  2. You constantly have to think, what fingerings you can use in one musical part, which of them are more comfortable and which are better for creating an unusual sound.
  3. The knowledge of scales and positions on the neck will allow you to use different fingerings more confidently in playing the same musical part.

About the author:

Pasha Bocharov is professional guitar player and teaches guitar at his guitar school in Moscow. Check out his website if you are from that area.